PHP / PROXY Ngnix Configuration and Caching


PROXY means Nginx is PROXying to apache the httpd stack which cPanel provides, and everything works as a standard cPanel server with the addition of being able to use settings like redirections in the NGINX control panel
When upstream is set to PHP, Nginx is set to bypass Apache and use php-fpm directly and so Apache htaccess or settings won't work
For most software applications the config corresponding to apache htaccess rewrites are enabled via the corresponding Nginx configuration template 

Proxy Mode: Once the NGINX control panel is opened you can find application status option from left side panel and then you can select PHP/PROXY from drop down

Reload NGNIX config: In Application Status, select Reload option on right side panel nginx.conf reload

If you are having issues where CSS or JS is not updating while developing then you can disable the open file cache. Once finished you can enable again to start caching again.

Open file cache: In General Settings find Open File cache to Enable/Disable file cache

Select on Apply Settings to save changes

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