Client area upgrade

Published: 21/02/2023

Client area upgrades The client area portal will be unavailable while we migrate the server to new hardware on 25/02/2023 at 11:00 GMT.  

2023 Legacy Hosting Prices Increase

Published: 16/01/2023

We have seen increases again coming into the New Year so will have to pass these one once again for the legacy hosting services. If you are on a legacy service and would like to upgrade to one of the current services then please open a ticket and we can help with the upgrade. The increases will ...

2023 Microsoft 365 Price Increases

Published: 16/01/2023

Microsoft have indicated that they will be increasing their pricing again and will likely sdjuct pricing twice per year based on exchange rates. We are expecting around a 10% increase in the next couple of months which will be reflected in our pricing. If you have any questins at all then please ...


Published: 09/08/2022

Today are continuing our upgrades with the L3P cluster where there will be an IP change for the primary server. This is the final stage and you may see some slight interruption of service as we complete the work.

Mail Server settings

Published: 11/09/2019

With the introduction of the clustered servers you mail find that you email program is not sending or receiving email. If this is the case then please check your incoming and outgoing email server settings in your email program. They should be set to mail.yourdomainname eg. which ...

New Knowledgebase Articles

Published: 23/08/2018

We have updated the knowledgebase with even more articles to help. Have a look at   cPanel, WordPress, Drupal, Email, FileZilla, PuTTY, phpMyAdmin and more!